Barbican FC are MidSeason Champions in Sherwin-Williams Women’s Premier League

In the Sherwin-Williams Women’s Premier League mid-season playoff on Saturday at Stadium East, Barbican defeated GC Foster four goals to one. Rushell Bryan and Tashana Vincent from team Barbican were the stars of the match.

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GC Foster was the early aggressor pushing for their team to break the hold that Barbican has on the competition, but their efforts were dampened when Tashana Vincent from Barbican scored the first goal in the 25th minute. The celebration continued three minutes later, after teammate Rushell Bryan scored the second goal of the match.

Despite their best efforts the champions failed to increase their advantage at the halftime whistle. On resumption, the women from Spanish Town came out a more a determined group and three minutes inside the second half Melicia Bryan beat the goalkeeper from outside the box; reducing the deficit in the 48th minute. However that was GC Foster’s first and only moment of celebration as in 56th minute Vincent copped her second goal to make the score 3 – 1.

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Barbican continued the domination streak as Bryan got her second goal 11 minutes later, ending the mid-season finals at four goals to one!

Despite a mid-season loss for the GC Foster FC, Coach Kirk Brooks continues to be proud of the women from Spanish Town.

“We have to work on our mistakes. I’m a bit surprised that we made four goalkeeping errors, nonetheless it was a good game, we just have to pick up the pace from there,” says Kirk Brooks, GC Foster coach.

While happy with the win, Barbican FC coach Charlie Edwards says there are weaknesses that needs to be worked out,

“Yes we scored four goals but we shouldn’t have allowed not even one goal to be scored on us, so it’s back to training and improving strategy,” says winning coach Charlie Edwards.

This marks Barbican’s unbeaten run; 42 games dating back to 2012.