Sherwin-Williams is a leading global company engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of coatings and related products to professional, industrial, commercial and retail customers.


Sherwin-Williams W.I. Ltd is a subsidiary of The Sherwin-Williams Company, headquartered in Cleveland Ohio, USA. We manufacture  paints and coatings of the highest quality, specializing in serving the automotive, decorative, and industrial and furniture industries.

We place great emphasis on our products being environmentally friendly, which is why we are committed to using non-toxic materials.

Mission Statement

We aim to “cover the earth”—to become the world leader in the world of paint. In addition to this, we remain to committed to providing quality products and service, to the pursuit of excellence, and to the achievement of the highest standards in the industry.

Customer satisfaction is therefore our pledge, purpose, and our duty. This is why we’ve placed such importance on acquiring highly trained and motivated management and staff. In order to raise the standard of service we offer our customers, we continuously seek to improve our technology, range of products, and methods of communicating with our customers.

Good corporate citizenship means more to us than words on a page. At Sherwin-Williams, we’re wholly committed to pursuing sound social ideals. We’re particularly concerned with caring and protecting the environment—our wide range of non-toxic and environmentally friendly products attests to this. In covering the earth and being the world leader in the world of paint, we are committed to customer and community.

Vision Statement

To be the world leader in the paint industry committed to satisfying customer needs through quality products, excellent service and a highly trained and professional workforce.

Our History

In the 1960s, Sherwin-Williams entered Jamaica as a marketing operation. Products were exported throughout the Caribbean through a number of dealers under the name Sherwin-Williams Company of the West Indies Limited.

The head office and warehouse were located at 178 Spanish Town Road, on the premises of what was then known as the Deluxe Theatre. Back then, there were only two retail outlets, located in Montego Bay and Slipe Road.

In late 1972, a factory was established in White Marl, St. Catherine, to manufacture products locally. A new company was formed, named Sherwin-Williams (West Indies) Ltd. In April 1974, the operation opened its doors. Production commenced on a full range of automotive, decorative and industrial finishes. Notably, the automotive finishes were the first of their type to be manufactured in Jamaica. The factory still proudly stands today.

The company has since grown tremendously—presently, we employ approximately 150 employees, with 18 retail outlets, 4 warehouses and a large dealership network islandwide.