Super Kem Flat – The Wonder Paint

Super Kem Flat Emulsion is one of Sherwin-Williams Jamaica’s best-selling products—and for good reason. A premium quality interior/exterior paint, this 100% acrylic latex paint is versatile enough to be used on masonry, concrete, wood, plyboard and wallboard—most of the materials we use in construction here in the Caribbean.

It was strategically formulated in order to provide a range of benefits, including blister and peeling resistance, easy clean up with soap and water, excellent adhesion over painted surfaces in good condition, excellent colour retention, self-priming for repaint on surfaces in good condition. It also dries to the touch in 15 minutes.

Super Kem Flat is available in a wide range of package colours, as well as in over 8,000 colours with the Colorscape ™ System. Purchase it today at a hardware near you!