Great Decorative Techniques for Your Walls

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Sometimes, just painting the walls in your home with plain colours can become a bore. Sure, an accent wall or bright-coloured furniture can make a room pop, but have you ever considered trying some decorative techniques that can give your walls more depth and texture? The following techniques will surely give your home the perfect look that you’re searching for and in due time everyone will be following suit.

Sponging – As the name suggests, sponging for walls requires the use of a sponge, preferably a sea sponge. With sponging, there are two techniques – additive method or subtractive method.With the additive method, you prepare the paint colours you plan on using. Prepare then paint your wall in the chosen base colour. When you have finished painting, dampen the sponge with water, wring out the excess water until the sponge is only slightly damp and dip in the second colour.Lightly dab colour in a random pattern on your wall and you have a sponge pattern. It’s that simple!

With the subtractive method, apply your colour mixture to your walls in sections while you use a clean, dampened sea sponge to pull the colour off the walls to create the effect you want. With the subtractive, it is imperative that you rinse your sponge with clean water and wring frequently.

Frottage Walls – Easy to achieve, and a beautiful finish to any wall is the frottage technique. To achieve this look, you simply add colour to the walls and use a crinkled paper or plastic for the effect. A great tip to consider when doing a frottage wall is, while the paper or plastic is still touching the wall, crinkle it further for a nice finish. Please note that to achieve the best results, you can use two shades of paint; the topcoat of a darker shade (3 times darker) over the basecoat.

Ragging – Ragging on walls gives a similar effect like sponging and it is applied in the same manner, but there’s a slight difference with the finished product. With ragging, it is best to use a cloth rag with a distinct pattern that can be left behind on the walls. Just like sponging, you can utilise the additive or subtractive method.

Patterns – If you prefer to stick to just the paint and brush technique, you can always add small details to a wall or two. Techniques such a stripes, polka dots or even wall stencils are a great addition to a room, especially when the right colour combinations are used. Simple step-by-step instructions for these techniques are easily accessible on the Internet.

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